Wedding Badges

I was going to make a lapel pin for my wedding that I could use to ask all of my groomsmen and ushers. I quickly realized they all had *very* different personalities and one overall pin wouldn't work. I then went on a magical journey through the internet to purchase the perfect pin for each bro. Most of the pins I got are inside jokes between me and them, like this "Fuck Kanye" pin, others are just funny as hell. I designed a backing card that I could personalize, shoved them in a nice envelope and mailed them out. Now to see if my lovely fiancée will let the guys wear them during the ceremony... Here's where I got 'em: Nike shoebox full of cash, Never Not Stoked, Kanye, Bomb Pop, 40oz., Gucci Mane, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, Sports, There better be dogs

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