Scooters Sandwich Shop

The major project I was involved with during Dropbox's Hack Week was concepting a fun way to give away t-shirts. Justin Pervorse and I came up with Scooters Sandwich Shop — a sandwich shop that only serves made-to-order T-shirts. Everything from the pattern on the sandwich paper, branding and storefront visuals were a collaboration between the two of us. This was probably the most fun I've ever had branding something, from the custom Sharpies, paper hats and aprons, sandwich wrap, to the wood painted signage surrounding our area. Even some extra special "secret" shirts that I'm sure you'll see soon. Oh and a legit deli case to serve everything up in. There was a ton of work put into this from a lot of people. Huge thanks to the Dropbox design team for letting me in on all the fun.

Custom screenprinted deli paper.
T-shirts wrapped in deli paper.
We made custom Sharpies and golf pens for the shop.
Hand-painted wood signage.
My shirt design for Scooters.
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