Dropbox Hack Week 2014

I had the pleasure of working at Dropbox in San Francisco for a month prior to their 2014 Hack Week. I assisted with carrying out the general look-and-feel on collateral relating to the event in addition to concepting and developing a series of unique experiences for the week. These are a few projects I had a ton of fun with. 1. Limited Edition sticker packs — each created by a different designer. My pack was titled "Hacker Magic". 2. Hack Wall Installation — We wanted to give the office some flair so each designer concepted and constructed a unique piece of art for the office walls. 3. Lego "H" Kit — Custom Lego kits for guests of Hack Week. 4. Welcome Kit (Coming soon.) — had a ton of fun with these and an overall Macgyver feel. All work done in collaboration with the Dropbox Black Ops. Design Team.

Limited edition sticker packs.
I took over a wall at with a few hundred nails and a few thousand feet of fluorescent yarn. Overall this piece measures about 10x8', and was a labor of neon-y love.
Custom Lego packs.
See a writeup from The Verge here.
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